Chandra Labs is one of the premier pharmaceutical training institute in Hyderabad, is positioned in IDA prashantinagar, kukatpally of Hyderabad city. It was established in 2005 and approved by Drug Controller Administration of Telangana. Chandra Labs is accredited by ANAB & AQA International.Chandra Labs houses 4 Pharmaceutical departments.

    The institute attracts many students due to its excellent facilities. There is a provision of hostel for the students. There is a well-stocked library containing plenty of reference books(i.e IP, USP, BP). The lab conducts seminars and conferences for the students.

    Programs Offered:

    Academic projects B.Pharmacy students.

    Certified industrial training and instrument handling classes carried out for B.Pharmacy students.

    Academic projects for M.Pharmacy in various feilds of

    • Pharmaceutics
    • Pharmacology
    • Pharmaceutical analysis and
    • Quality assurance

    Training on Quality control and Quality assurance and documentation. Certified training courses on instruments like

    • HPLC
    • UPLC
    • GC
    • FTIR
    • AAS

    Areas of Ongoing projects:

    • Novel drug delivery system
    • Transdermal drug delivery system
    • Pulsatile drug delivery system
    • Innovative granulation methods
    • Method development and validation of different dosage forms and APIs by RPHPLC, UPLC, GC, ICPMS